Last Second Hand Machinery
Squeezing Padder - BETA-03
Sewing Machine - MERROW Cut and Sew
Teasel Raising Machine - Mario Crosta
Decatising Machine - Sperotto Rimar MD2
Inspection Table - GT00-01
Squeezing Padder - BETA-02
Doubling-Plaiting Machine - RW24D-01
Washing - ZONCO-EOLO-01
Pattern Cutting Machine - K-CAPPA-01
KD Kier Decatising Permanent Finishing - TMT MANENTI PF2000 NEW MULTIPROGRAM-02
Sewing Machine - Sewing Head For ATH 216 or ATH 290
HT Overflow - Jet - MINOX Flow PRT CA 5
Sewing Machine - NECCHI - RIMOLDI-01
Wet Brushing Machine - TMT Grinding a brush for wet brushing machine VIDEO
Various Equipment - LAFER Grinding a velveting brush VIDEO
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New Machinery
Super Speed Washer Type DA.ER
Open-Width Fast Washing Mod. E.K.
2-Channel Combined Scouring And Milling Machines Mod. "Universal"
Fulling Mill For Wool And Blended Fabrics Mod. M.G.

Spare Parts
Circular Brushes | Needle Felts | Roller Covering | Silicon Blankets | Wooden Cylinder