MERROW Cut and Sew

Code  mW-02

 Cut and Sew 70D3B2

Cut and Sew 70Y3B2

Working Width STITCH WIDTH 16 MM

The 70-D3B-2 BUTTED SEAM Sewing Machine from Merrow is the flagship butted seam machine for the wovens industry.

With dozens of custom variations, the 70-D3B-2 is the most versatile and toughest sewing machine in the industry.



The Merrow 70-Y3B-2 industrial sewing machine from Merrow is the only sewing machine for butted seaming with a STITCH MULTIPLIER built into the sewing head. The machine sews a 5/8” stitch. The stitch count can be doubled while the operator is sewing and is effective for processing loose weaves to higher densities fabrics.
The Stitch Multiplier is a lever on the front of the machine that can be pressed to double the number of stitches sewn.