Super Speed Washer Type DA.ER

A leader in the trade apt to handle a broad assortment of articles : Super Speed Washer Type DA.ER

Equipped with computer for the automatic programming of and storage of all cycles and affording considerable labour savings.


  • Lenghtwise re-entrances of up to 18% for wool and mixtures according to weight.
  • Anterior draw roll with automatic direct current motor control.
  • Computer control affording shorter washing cycles.
  • Savings in water and detergents by automatic control of liquid depth effected bye depth controls and water meters.
  • Rear door with sliding action to save space.
  • Electronic gauge controls pieces lenght.
  • Water temperature held by electronic controller.


  • Free standing vat, stainless steel construction throughout.
  • Panels and frame with stainless steel construction exterior parts.
  • Vat, ancillary products, stainless steel construction.
  • Piece removal assembly, stainless steel construction with safety arrangements.
  • Electrical illumination of inside affording ample vision of goods.
  • Safety arrangements for automatic shutdown accompanied by raising of the top rolls during anomalous operation.
  • Direct current motor prime mover affording rolls speed adjustment in the range 0 - 210 m/min.
  • Vee belt drive throughout.
  • Oscillating gear reducer, oil bath lubricated.
  • Anterior door, sliding action, plate glass construction.
  • Wringer rolls, specific African timber construction.
  • Loading capacity : up to 900 m in ropes.
  • All control apparatus is groupoed on the front panel with stainless steel construction electrical control panel.
  • Overall dimensions of machine (approximate) : lenght mm. 2995 - breath mm. 3175 - height mm. 2550
    A main vat of lenght 3000 is available to order