2-Channel Combined Scouring And Milling Machines Mod. "Universal"

It guarantees a very stable milling and a good result on any kind of fabric, with the possibility of rope-scouring even the most difficult qualities.


  • High milling percentages.
  • Higly reduces processing times compared to the conventional treatments (separated).
  • Consideralbe saving of chemicals and water thanks to a scouring plant with triple outlet.
  • Air-jet plants in stainless steel supplied with centrifugal fan, which prevents creases and marks.


  • Stainless steel sel-supporting tank, capacity up to 500 mts.
  • Inside, outside details and cabinets in stainless steel.
  • No. 2 separated channels, with indipendent milling control.
  • All stainless steel milling equipment, with motor-driver, independent control for the opening of piece-guiding plates supplied with opening electronic display.
  • Rollers in African wood with stainless steel flanges
  • Safety devices for the automatic and immediate stop with quick breaking and lifting system of the upper rollers in the event of knots, excessive fabric swelling and unseaming.
  • No. 2 electronic devices for the control of sliding between fabric and rollers with immediate stop through breaking and lifting of the upper rollers and separate signals for each channel.
  • Electronic counter of the fabric lenght.
  • Stainless steel piece extractor with accident-preventing structure.
  • Electronical level control of scouring and rinsing baths.
  • Spray water temperature holding through electronical control.
  • Triple water spraying system, 1 lower, 1 upper and 1 rear spray points, all independent with cut-out option, supplied with higly precise heater.
  • Stainless steel tank for auxiliary products, capacity 350 lt., with solution heating inside coil, supplied with temperature automatic control.
  • Water and product pipings in stainless steel, independent pneumatic valves for each channel with fan-shaped spraying system.
  • Tank placed under the squeezing rollers supplied with coil and electronic control for the water temperature holding.
  • Good electric lighting of the inside.
  • Front and rear doors in tempered glass controlled by electric ratio motor.
  • All control equipment are placed on the front panel with stainless steel electric board.
  • Main drive with direct current motor of a suitable power for the regulation of the roller speed from 0 to 400 mts/min.
  • Swinging reducer in oil-bath.
  • Belt drive
  • Overall dimensions of the machine (approximate) : lenght mm 3000 - breath mm 3000 - height mm 2500