We would like to introduce ourselves as a company operating in the textile machinery engineering sector, principally in textile finishing and dyeing equipment.
Our main activities are:

- Manufacturing and installation of new textile machinery
(open-width washing machine, 1 channel milling machine, scouring/milling machines or 2 channels combined scouring and milling machine, high-speed washing machines).
We produce new textile machinery with the highest quality standards and with avant-garde technological supports. This, always with a great care of the final customer’s needs. We are able to offer an interesting price/performance ratio, high quality service, proven reliability of several plants acknowledged by many wool finishing companies.

- Manufacturing of rollers in Bongossi African wood for scouring and milling machines   (Zonco, Regis, Mat)  (Hemmer only with drawing)

- Trading in used machinery for textile finishing and dyeing machines and accessories
As far as second hand machinery is concerned, the company has a wide machinery warehousing service that allows to check its availability. These machines can be supplied completely overhauled to guarantee their correct operating process.
- Trading in accessories for textile industry
  Accessories for stenter machine (chains, pin plates, circular brushes)
  Accessories for fringing and cutting machine:blades,rubbers and other parts (Lafer,Saspe,Fabotex)
  Accessories  for finishing machine (Lafer, Crosta,Corino,Bruckner; Krantz, Mahlo and others)
  Roller covering for cylinder in rubbers or silicone or others type.

- Various accessories for finishing and dyeing machines

- Grinding of shearing groups (Lafer, Crosta, Guido Regis, Lamperti, Sistig.)

- Supply and replacement of raising fillet from raising machine.

- Supply of vegetable teasels for teasels machine (Crosta,Guido Regis, others)

- Supply and replacement of sleeves and underpads for continuous decatising machines. (Sperotto Rimar, Biella Process, Bisio, )

- Supply Satin Wrappers.                                                                  

- Supply and replacement of technological silicone belts (Biella Process , M-Tec, TMT, )

- Maintenance service of finishing and dyeing machines at the woollen mills in BIELLA.

The sale of accessories, components and spare parts is very qualified since it is specifically addressed to the textile finishing sector. Our large storehouse can very quickly supply the spare parts you require.